The Sixth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE 2019) was held on Jan 7,8 at Malla Reddy Engineering College (MREC) in Hyderabad. A total of 1200 delegates attended, 230 papers were presented and 40 international experts participated in keynotes and panel sessions


As a software company, we were thrilled to participate in the Sixth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE) 2019. This prestigious event brought together educators, researchers, industry professionals, and students from around the world to discuss and explore innovative approaches to engineering education.


Our company recognizes the importance of engineering education in preparing students for the evolving technological landscape. We develop cutting-edge software solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience, and ICTIEE provided an ideal platform for us to showcase our products and engage with key stakeholders in the education sector.


During the conference, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our educational software solutions tailored specifically for engineering education. Our software offerings encompass various domains, including simulation tools, virtual laboratories, collaborative learning platforms, and assessment and evaluation systems. These solutions are designed to address the unique challenges faced by engineering educators and provide students with hands-on learning experiences.


One of our highlights at ICTIEE 2019 was our workshop on “Leveraging Technology for Active Learning in Engineering Education.” This interactive session allowed participants to experience firsthand how our software solutions can transform traditional teaching methods into dynamic and engaging learning environments. We showcased the features and functionalities of our software, demonstrating how it enables instructors to create interactive lessons, facilitate collaborative projects, and assess student performance effectively.


Throughout the conference, we engaged in fruitful discussions with educators, researchers, and industry professionals about the future of engineering education and the role of technology in shaping it. We exchanged ideas, shared best practices, and learned about the latest trends and innovations in the field. These conversations provided valuable insights that will inform our future product development and ensure that our software remains at the forefront of engineering education.


Being a part of ICTIEE 2019 reaffirmed our commitment to empowering educators and students with the tools they need to succeed in the digital era. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our software solutions, incorporating feedback from the engineering education community, and collaborating with stakeholders to drive positive transformations in the field.


In conclusion, participating in the Sixth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE) 2019 was a rewarding experience for our software company. We were proud to showcase our educational software solutions and contribute to the collective efforts in advancing engineering education. We look forward to future conferences and opportunities to collaborate with the global engineering education community in driving innovation and excellence in teaching and learning.

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