BETPlus is an innovative software solution that revolutionizes the evaluation process by automating manual assessments and offering unprecedented benefits to institutions. Our cutting-edge technology aims to minimize costs, save time, reduce effort, and eliminate human errors throughout the entire evaluation journey.

Key Features of BETPlus:

BeeS Examination Tool ( BET )

The Bee’s Examination Tool, inspired by the efficiency and productivity of bees, has revolutionized the examination process. From pre-examination preparations to post-examination tasks, this innovative tool streamlines and simplifies the entire process. 


Step 1: Course, Curriculum, and Student Data Creation: 

The Bee’s Examination Tool facilitates the creation and management of course and curriculum details, ensuring accurate representation of the subjects and syllabi. It also simplifies student data management, allowing for seamless registration and enrollment. 

Step 2: Exam Timetable and Fee Collection: 

With the Bee’s Examination Tool, creating and publishing the exam timetable becomes effortless. The tool also offers features for fee collection, providing a convenient and streamlined payment process for students and institutions alike. 

Step 3: Hall Ticket, and OMR Barcode Creation: 

Gathering feedback from students is essential for continuous improvement. The Bee’s Examination Tool simplifies the feedback collection process, ensuring prompt data capture. Additionally, it aids in generating hall tickets and OMR barcodes for smooth identification and tracking during the examination 

Step 4: Seating Plan and D-Form Creation: 

Creating a seating plan and generating D-Forms (examination answer sheets) can be time-consuming and prone to errors. However, the Bee’s Examination Tool automates this process, enabling quick and accurate seating arrangements and D-Form generation. 


Step 5: Evaluation Process: 

The Bee’s Examination Tool streamlines the evaluation process by digitizing answer sheet assessments. It provides features for easy and efficient grading, allowing evaluators to input marks and comments digitally, reducing manual effort and potential errors. 

Step 6: Results Processing: 

Once evaluations are complete, the Bee’s Examination Tool automates the results processing phase. It calculates grades, aggregates marks, and generates result sheets, saving time and ensuring accuracy in the generation of student performance reports. 

Step 7: Certificates Creation and Printing: 

Issuing certificates to successful candidates is an essential post-examination task. The Bee’s Examination Tool simplifies this process by providing templates for certificate creation and supporting seamless printing, ensuring professional and standardized certificate issuance. 

Step 8: Results Publishing to Portal: 

To disseminate results effectively, the Bee’s Examination Tool offers a feature that publishes results to a secure online portal. This enables students to access their results conveniently and maintains confidentiality through secure login credentials. 

BeeS digital evaluation system

  • The benefits of BeeS digital evaluation system are manifold. Firstly, it significantly reduces manual effort and time by eliminating the need for physical answer scripts, resulting in faster evaluation and result processing. Additionally, it ensures greater accuracy and consistency in grading, as evaluators can access digital answer scripts and use standardized evaluation criteria. The system also allows for easy retrieval and storage of evaluation data, enabling efficient record-keeping. Moreover, onscreen evaluation promotes transparency and reduces the chances of errors or malpractices. Overall, it enhances efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in the evaluation process, benefiting both educators and students. 

BeeS Integrated Outcome Based Education System

  • The BeeS Integrated Outcome Based Education System offers several benefits in education. It facilitates the mapping of Course Outcomes (COS), Program Outcomes (POS), Course Objectives (CO), and Program Objectives (PO), ensuring alignment with institutional goals. It supports tracking of Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) and Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs), enabling continuous improvement. The system generates Bloom’s Taxonomy reports, assessing cognitive levels and promoting higher order thinking skills. It provides comprehensive direct and indirect assessment reports, offering insights into student learning. With efficient data analysis and streamlined accreditation processes, the BeeS system promotes evidence-based decision-making and fosters a culture of continuous improvement, enhancing educational quality. 


Why BETPlus.?


1. Streamlined Evaluation Process: BETPlus simplifies and accelerates the evaluation workflow, ensuring a seamless experience for both faculty and students. It automates the traditionally time-consuming tasks, such as grading, data entry, and result compilation, allowing your institution to process evaluations efficiently. 

  2. Cost and Time Savings: By eliminating manual processes, BETPlus significantly reduces the overhead costs associated with evaluation. It frees up valuable resources and enables your institution to allocate them to other critical areas, driving overall productivity and growth. 


3. Error-Free Assessments: Say goodbye to human errors in evaluations! BETPlus leverages advanced algorithms and intelligent features to enhance accuracy and consistency in grading. This ensures fair and reliable results, enhancing the credibility of your institution’s evaluation system. 


4. Customizable and Scalable: BETPlus is designed to adapt to your institution’s unique requirements. It offers extensive customization options, allowing you to configure assessment parameters, grading scales, and evaluation criteria based on your specific needs. Furthermore, BETPlus is scalable, catering to institutions of all sizes, from small colleges to large universities. 

5. Proven Track Record: BETPlus has already left an indelible mark in the education landscape, with a remarkable 80% of our clients choosing it as their preferred evaluation software. This remarkable adoption rate speaks volumes about the trust and confidence institutions place in BETPlus.