Self Services

Cloudilya Self Services

Cloudilya Self-Services designed to assist administrators, employees, managers, students, parents, teachers and suppliers can greatly streamline
their respective tasks and responsibilities. Access information, or complete transactions independently, without requiring direct assistance from a customer service representative or support staff. Another significant benefit of self-service tool is its potential to enhance customer satisfaction. With self-service options, individuals can have greater control over their interactions, accessing the information or services they need without relying on others. This empowers users, improves response times, and reduces the frustration often associated with long wait times or the need to repeat information to multiple representatives.

Let's explore the key functionalities that Cloudilya offer:


  • Employee self-service:
  • Enables employees to access their personal information, such as contact details, benefits, and tax information. They can also submit leave requests, manage timesheets, and view their performance evaluations.
  • Collaboration tools:
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration among employees, allowing them to share documents, participate in discussions, and coordinate tasks efficiently.
  • Training and development:
  • Provides access to online training courses, resources, and skill-building materials to support continuous learning and professional growth.
  • Performance management:
  • Allows employees to set goals, track their progress, receive feedback, and engage in performance evaluations.
  • Recognition and rewards:
  • Offers a platform for acknowledging and rewarding employee achievements and contributions


  • Team management:
  • Provides managers with an overview of their team members, their roles, and their performance. They can assign tasks, track progress, and manage schedules efficiently.
  • Performance analytics:
  • Offers data-driven insights and analytics to evaluate team and individual performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions.
  • Approval workflows:
  • Streamlines the approval process for various requests, such as leave, expenses, and budget allocations.


  • Communication and feedback:
  • Enables managers to communicate with team members, provide feedback, and facilitate performance discussions.
  • Reporting and analytics:
  • Provides managers with customizable reports and dashboards to monitor key metrics, track progress, and make data-informed decisions.


  • Academic records:
  • Allows students to access their grades, attendance records, class schedules, and course catalogs.
  • Course registration:
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for students to enroll in courses, manage their class schedules, and view academic requirements.
  • Collaboration and Communication:
  • Facilitates interaction between students, teachers, and classmates through messaging, discussion forums, and group project management.
  • Resource access:
  • Provides access to digital learning materials, textbooks, research databases, and other educational resources.
  • Notifications and reminders:
  • Sends timely notifications about assignment due dates, exam schedules, and important events


  • Student information:
  • Allows parents to access their child’s academic records, attendance, grades, and progress reports.
  • Communication channels:
  • Provides direct communication with teachers, Institution administrators, and other parents through messaging or notifications.
  • Event and calendar management:
  • Enables parents to view Institution calendars, important events, parent-teacher conferences, and extracurricular activities.
  • Fee management:
  • Allows parents to view and pay College fees, track payment history, and receive invoices.
  • Resource access:
  • Provides access to educational materials, recommended reading lists, and parenting resources.


  • Purchase orders and invoicing:
  • Enables suppliers to view and respond to purchase orders, submit invoices electronically, and track payment statuses.
  • Communication with procurement teams:
  • Provides a platform for suppliers to communicate with procurement teams, address inquiries, and respond to requests for information (RFIs).
  • Performance metrics:
  • Offers insights into supplier performance, including on-time delivery rates, quality scores, and customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Contract management:
  • Provides access to contract details, terms, and renewal dates.
  • Profile and contact management:
  • Allows suppliers to update their company profiles, contact information, banking details, and other relevant information.

By choosing cloudilya self services, organizations can empower employees, managers, students, parents, and suppliers to efficiently manage their respective responsibilities, enhance communication, and streamline processes. This module promotes collaboration, transparency, and productivity, leading to improved outcomes for all stakeholders involved.