Students Cloud

Students Cloud

Cloudilya-Students cloud module plays a vital role in supporting and enhancing the learning journey of students. By providing access to educational resources, fostering collaboration, and facilitating personalized learning experiences, it empowers students to maximize their academic potential. Additionally, student software aids in time management, assessment, and feedback, helping students stay organized and achieve their educational goals. Whether it's organizing study materials, accessing learning resources, collaborating with peers, or tracking progress, student software offers valuable tools and features that contribute to a successful and enriching educational experience.

Features and benefits of Students Cloud:


Cloudilya admissions management module streamlines the admissions process by automating application management, document verification, and fee collection. It enables online application submissions, tracks the status of applications, and generates admission-related reports. This simplifies the admissions process, reduces paperwork, and enhances the overall experience for prospective students.


Student attendance module revolutionizes the way educational institutions track and manage student attendance. By providing features such as automated attendance tracking, real-time data and reporting, customized attendance policies, automated notifications and alerts, integration with learning management systems, student engagement features, and data security, this improves accuracy, enhances student engagement, and supports informed decision-making. Embracing student attendance module is a strategic step towards promoting student success, fostering a culture of accountability, and streamlining attendance management in educational institutions.


LMS Module enables educational institutions to efficiently manage and deliver online courses. It helps teachers to course creation, content organization, and assignment management. Instructors can easily upload course materials, create interactive lessons, and design assessments. Learners or students can access course content, submit assignments, and track their progress, fostering a seamless learning experience.

Sports & Extra Curricular Activities

Sports and Extracurricular Activities Management Module simplifies the management and organization of student extracurricular activities. By providing features such as activity registration and enrollment, scheduling and attendance tracking, communication and notifications, resource and equipment management, performance tracking and progress evaluation, financial management, and reporting and analytics, this module streamlines administrative tasks, enhances student engagement, and promotes the overall success of extracurricular programs of educational institutions


Implementing a Student Feedback System is a proactive approach to gathering and leveraging student feedback for continuous improvement in educational institutions. By providing features such as convenient feedback collection, anonymity and confidentiality, real-time feedback and actionable insights, targeted surveys and customization, communication and follow-up, integration with Learning Management Systems, and long-term improvement tracking, this system empowers institutions to enhance teaching quality, student satisfaction, and overall educational outcomes.


BeeS Examinations Software Modules are best in segment, Cloudilya-Examinations module powered with robust technology. It is empowers educational institutions to optimize the examination process, enhance security, improve grading accuracy, gain valuable insights, and promote academic success. With features such as efficient Pre-Exams and Post-Exams Creation, Onscreen Evaluation System ,OBE ,Question Bank enhanced exam security, gives you instant and accurate grading reports, data analysis and reporting, flexibility and customization, accessibility, remote exam administration, and integration with Learning Management Systems, this module revolutionizes the way exams are conducted and contributes to the overall excellence of the educational experience.


Cloudilya providing a centralized placements platform for educational Institutions job posting, application management, interview scheduling, performance evaluation, and alumni engagement. With features such as efficient job posting and application management, automated placement coordination, interview scheduling and communication, performance evaluation and feedback, analytics and reporting, and alumni engagement and networking .Educational institutions can leverage Placement Software to strengthen their career services, foster successful student-employer connections, and facilitate the transition of students into the professional world.

Experience our new Cloudilya- Placements Guru which is an intermediately placement services tool between institutions and companies helps in providing genuine data of candidates end-to-end (Bio-data, extracurricular activities, academics), e-learning and trainings and simplifies the recruitment process to select a right candidate and enabling students to explore more options across the world